Have you heard the saying, ‘you become like the 5 people that you spend most of your time with’? The same can be said for the way you talk. Not just what you say to yourself (although that is really important), but the way you speak about yourself to others. How do you identify yourself? […]

Do you really know what we do at Livestrong Primal Fitness? Do you really understand the reasons why we program the way we do? Do you know that with every movement we ask you to do, with every mobilisation and every stretch, we do it for a specific reason? We know that movement creates health […]

Primal is to live instinctually. Using all of the movements and senses you were born with. It is second nature. It is the ability to move through life with ease and a sense of knowing and trusting your body, without having to think about it. Primal is to ‘trust your instincts’. To know when someone […]

    You’ve probably heard that you need to stretch to loosen off tight muscles, or get on a foam roller to release knots and trigger points in fascia, but does you’re current training program include mobilisations? And what is a mobilisation? Mobilizations are movements that encourage optimal range of motion at a joint. It […]

  Core muscles will soon be on high rotation again in the media with the coming of summer. And with it the endless advertising about how having that six pack is going to make you feel younger, healthier and happier. But is it really going to do those things for you? Are you really able […]

How does it make you feel when you wear gloves on your hands and you try and perform everyday simple tasks? Can you use your mobile phone, type on your computer, or eat your lunch? Your feet are experiencing a similar response when you wear shoes. By enclosing your feet in ‘normal’ shoes or your […]

Todays’ blogpost is not about learning or an exercise or movement. It is simply writing from my heart. I am so very grateful for the gift of this life that I have been given. I was doing some work on my laptop while at Livestrong Primal Fitness this morning whilst Andrew was taking the Bootcamp […]

That is the normal response I get when I ask people to perform this exercise. What? Why? I can’t get my toes to my mouth!   There are a few reasons I use this infant development exercise as part of a training session and the most important one is that it activates the nervous system. Your […]

Do you want to know how to help your body detox? Lose weight? Decrease that cellulite? Spending time in an Infra Red Sauna will do all the above and more! IR Saunas warm the body the same way the sun heats the body from the inside out but without the harmful UV rays that burn […]

What can a baby teach you about developing rock hard abs?  What does every toddler know about stability and balance that you’ve forgotten? How do toddlers develop strength and co-ordination faster than any Olympic athlete? The answer is simple: they crawl. No doubt, you’ve heard the age old saying, “you have to crawl before you […]